Massage Therapy

Relieve stress and tension with a Swedish Massage. This is a great way to relax and unwind and is perfect after a peel or laser treatment.

Upper Body (25 minutes) $40.00
Full Body (55 minutes) $75.00


My experience at Lake Dermatology and Medspa has been nothing short of amazing! I have been an acne sufferer for most of my adult life. I had all kinds of acne: blackheads, whiteheads, and big cyst type pimples under the skin. My skin was ruddy, red and looked terrible. Every day when I woke up I felt like I had to perform minor surgery on my face to get it to look decent enough to leave the house. I got very good at covering blemishes with make up! I tried every possible acne treatment wash possible! Finally, I was fed up enough with my skin to go see the dermatologist. Dr. Eshragi came in and knew what to do right away! I was expecting to leave there with some medicine that wouldn’t work, but I could not have been more wrong! I began to see results with the medicine she gave me within a couple of weeks. My skin was looking better, and I wanted MORE!!! So, I made an appointment with the esthetician, Christy, and we decided, with the help of Dr. Eshragi, that my skin was ready for a set of glycolic peels. The peels got rid of a lot of the redness that I had from acne and sun damage. It also prepared my skin to receive my new line of skin care called Obagi.
This skin care line is nothing short of phenomenal! There are several steps to do morning and night, but it is worth every minute! Once you use it for awhile the steps go very quickly. I now get compliments on how good my skin looks, and I cannot even explain how good that feels! It’s a compliment that I have NEVER received before visiting Lake Dermatology Medspa. I am eteranally grateful and am excited to spread the news that there is hope if you have skin issues! The girls at Lake Dermatology will take good care of you and get you looking your absolute best!

- Amber